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iAM-PT minimizes your compliance burden by reducing data entry, using standardized patient surveys, point and press data entry, and simplified G-coding.



About us

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Interactive Advanced Medicine (iAM) is a new and innovative player to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) environment. We have developed the most user-friendly and intuitive program for scheduling, documentation, outcomes, compliance and billing. We believe that information technology is good and should not be mundane. We also have pushed our development team to think outside of the box that so many EMR programs are stuck in.

We have spent so much effort in programming our first product for physical therapists (iAM-PT) that we are sure that the end users will be extremely happy with the absolute ease of use. As we move in to other areas of medicine, we expect to continue to break the barriers in the EMR world so that your job is easier and is more patient care focused.

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