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An EMR That Pays For Itself


Give your physical therapy practice more: time, better documentation, Increased Billing, and less stress.

New ERM Software

Spend More Time With Your Clients And

Less Time On Documentation 


iAM-PT was created by physical therapists for physical therapists.  We care about functionality, ease of use, and simplicity.

Clean Documentation

  • Our EMR system reduces and simplifies overall data entry
  • Uses voice dictation for notation.
  • Standardizes data entry with prompts
  • Increases compliance on documentation
  • Cuts down on clerical errors
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Intuitive Billing

  • Automatically generate billing when notes are completed on patients
  • Instantly adds billing to schedule
  • Increase claim amounts by reducing errors.
  • Track same-day payments and receivables VS claims
  • Increase Revenue 

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Simple Scheduling

  • Drag and drop scheduling on demand
  • Schedule appointments across multiple locations with multiple staff members
  • Customize colors for different types of visits.
  • Automatically generate text and email reminders for patients
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More Compliance

  • ComPAT™ Computerized Pain Assessment Tool
  • Unsurpassed compliance metrics
  • MIPS made simple.
  • Outcome Compliance
  • Patient Survey Builder and outcome analysis capabilities


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The iAM-PT Physical Therapy Management Software Suite Will Save You Hours 


Based on a singled licensed clinician, iAM-PT will save dozens of hours in a single month. Do you have more than one licensed clinician? You’ll save even more time and money. 

Hours Saved

Scheduling Clients

Hours Saved

Patient Surveys

Hours Saved

Billing Time

Hours Saved


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Give Your Practice More: Time

Cloud-Based Physical Therapy Management Software—All In One Mobile Platform 


EMR Software Overview

Complete Control In The Palm Of Your Hands


Drag and Drop Calendar

Schedule and update appointments with our intuitive calendar. Color-coded appointment types let you look at your entire week with just a glance.  Send preset reminders automatically.

Business Practice Management 

Generate insightful reports with the press of a button. Setup custom dashboards and reports tailored for your practice.


Our patented Computerized Pain Assessment Tool allows therapists to quickly assess patients using a graphical template. Point and press data entry allows you to collect detailed information seamlessly.




#1 Whole Clinic Software

Why Choose iAM-PT Physical Therapy Management Software For Your Clinic?

Blazing Fast Data Entry

Voice Dictation Text Entry

Comprehensive Reporting

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Maximize Reimbursements


What our clients say

Dr. Dustin Dixon

Bill and the team at iAM PT have been absolutely stellar with their software. it’s changed our practice and has given us better ways to become efficient and profitable.

Dr. Konstantine Rizopoulos

This is software made by PTs for PTs. It just flat-out works.

Josh Crow

Using this software helped my clinicians reduce human errors by reducing multiple data entries. Our compliance issues have been reduced greatly.

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